“The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.”

Farewell, a word with multiple feelings. On one side showing excitement and zeal while on the other some bittersweet memories of departure. SAIC holds the honour of hosting farewell every year for the final year students but this year the good byes were said online.

As the Thapar legacies continue, the farewells do too. As of this years farewell, lets wait and watch!



Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology has paved the way for young minds to succeed in life over the last 65 years and built an indelible legacy. With over 30,000 alumni all across the globe, we would like to bridge the boundaries and help our alumni connect with AlmaConnect.

AlmaConnect is an alumni networking platform that helps strengthen relations by establishing a network for placements, branding, fundraising and much more.

AlmaConnect will take interactions to the next level, while powering over 5000 alumni communities and 1,000,000 users.

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meticulously planned events that are a conclave of modern innovation


Troubleshoot, a simulation of Crisis and Economic Contraction, set within a formal environment which gives the participants the opportunity to experience real-time crisis.


Fun, growth, networking and gala all at one place! SAIC’s official freshers – the EXORDIUM! All of it, all at once! Get to know the world of SAIC through the lenses of the college Alumnus.


Global Leadership Summit is a conclave that brings to you a panel of recognised professionals who have established themselves in the growing competition of vast sectors.

Alumni Quotes

Message from our Alumni

"The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe."

Raghav RalhanSenior Manager, Tata Motors

"College is not like a Bollywood movie but it’s about creating one."

Aditi Saini ChakravartyMarketing Head, Reebok

"Sweating over grades is not as important as learning different things by being inquisitive, creative and independent."

Rahul GuptaEnterprise Sales, Google Cloud

"Taking pride in those little moments which become memories is all part of the college journey."

Vaibhav GuptaProduct Manager, Zomato

"It takes time for things to happen and it does not matter if you bloom now or sometime later in life."

Gaurav SethVice President, Paytm


SAIC’s official newsletters that keep the students adequately informed about the world in and around by providing a general overview and also informing them about the achievement's of our Alumni.